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Please ask specfic questions:

  • Use the first sentence to summarize what you are asking about
  • Describe your goal, then the step(s) you are finding challenging
  • The more specific the question, the better.
  • If possible, include a specific example of what you want to understand better, such as a specific function in a cell or a snippet of VBA code
  • Indicate how it is expected to be used, and any functionality that misses expectations.
  • Grammar, courtesy, and evidence of a thought process make it easier to pick up where you left off

For purely technical questions, such as a request for help with bugs or unexpected behavior:

  • Indicate the relevant platform, version
  • Describe the symptoms of the problem you are facing
  • Describe any relevant research or diagnostic steps you took
  • Describe any recent relevant changes to your configuration that you are aware of which may be relevant

These steps ensure that you get a more useful answer.

Where to send your questions: hedgefundsoftware (at) gmail (dot) com

4 Responses to “Submit a Question”
  1. Wei Wang says:

    I’ve promised Mike to write an article responding to his call “’. I’ll talk about how to implement Black-Scholes, or more broadly any financial models in FPGA. If you’re interested in the FPGA space, would you like to review the paper before I publish it online?

  2. DeRon Burton says:

    Who in your opinion has the best algo software or is it better to have algo hft software if so why and who do you think has the best?(I am also taking other opinions if you guys don’t mind commenting in on this)

  3. DeRon Burton says:

    Can you name the besttradin software in your own opinion?

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