Excel Programming Options: XLLs for performance

The following are the available ways to develop new software on Excel, that are still worthwhile and viable on recent versions of Excel, as mentioned on MSDN and other places: C API and XLLs: essentially fully integrated DLLs that are accessed as Excel worksheet functions. VBA: a popular option to quickly generate something which accomplishes a particular busines goal. … Continue reading

Getting a macro to skip showing steps and just showing result

An anonymous Guest asked me: Question How do I get Excel to run a macro without showing all intermediate steps in a calculation? So, after I kick off the macro, there are no changes on the screen until the macro has finished… Answer This is done via the ScreenUpdating property of the Application object: Application.ScreenUpdating … Continue reading

Question: how important is VBA and C++?

gabx asks: Question How important is the knowledge of VBA and C++ for working as an analyst or as a risk manager in hedge funds. I would like to develop these skills and bought some books which deal with modelling derivatives pricing in VBA/C++/Matlab. Do you have in mind a specific book/area I should focus … Continue reading