Excel Programming Options: XLLs for performance

The following are the available ways to develop new software on Excel, that are still worthwhile and viable on recent versions of Excel, as mentioned on MSDN and other places: C API and XLLs: essentially fully integrated DLLs that are accessed as Excel worksheet functions. VBA: a popular option to quickly generate something which accomplishes a particular busines goal. … Continue reading

speeding up wpf datavisualization charts

WPF 4 DataVisualization charts are reasonably quick. Microsoft have optimized them over the years. We have a commercial component elsewhere in our company ChartFX , but this cheap and cheerful version seems to suit our needs, which includes refreshing every second or so. We had  a few hiccups. We came across a strange bug, where the chart … Continue reading

Test Driven Development (TDD) links

Lately I’ve been experimenting with TDD. Unlike just normal automated testing, it suggests that you write the tests first. Why? Here are a few links that have  been useful: http://www.hanselman.com/blog/HanselminutesPodcast146TestDrivenDevelopmentIsDesignTheLastWordOnTDD.aspx: This is an old podcast which made it clear (to me) what the point of TDD is. TDD should help you write code that is … Continue reading