Bodek claims HFT is an artificial industry

Fueled largely by price sliding, preferential order types, and other exchange funny business. In other news, the SEC’s Berman thinks most flash crashes are caused by (human) fat fingers. [image: bark] Advertisements

Does automated trading generate any real profit?

Reposting of an important question from a forum, because I think it’s a pretty important question. Does automated trading generate any real profit? What I’m trying to ask is that if we have two identical country, and then add an automated trading system to one of them. Will that country end up having more wealth than the other … Continue reading

Top 25 Articles on High Frequency Trading

From the Web 1. A High Frequency Trader’s Apology, Pt 1 and Pt 2:  a decent insider’s explanation for non-HFT peeps 2. John Nolan on the State of Hardware Acceleration with GPUs/FPGAs, Parallel Algorithm Design: an industry veteran discusses recent trends the hardware side of accelerating trading 3. [Disclosure: Self-plug on ] how the existence of HFT undermines the … Continue reading

Intro to high frequency trading

Have a look at this decent intro to algorithmic trading, just to get a sense of this works. The focus is actually more on high-frequency trading. In particular, listen in for more info on quote stuffing, one of the less attractive aspects of high-frequency trading.

Weekend Linkfest 102: macro mini celebrities, revisiting software development ideas, and an XP practice smorgasbord

Global macro links Blog of macroeconomic mini-celebrity Steve Keen Ray Dalio of Bridgewater, and his ideas on how economies really work What we actually know about software development, and why we believe it’s true: given primarily to students, but still interesting and entertaining nonetheless. “Code review is the most effective (hour for hour) way to remove … Continue reading

Weekend Linkfest 101: Algorithmic Trading Blogs, Parallelism, and Trend Trading

Here’s my shortlist of interesting items for you take a look at this week. Enjoy! If you have any to suggest, do let me know. Creating & Compounding Wealth via Trend Following – Andrew Abraham New Blogs I Found Bigger Capital: Former head of single stock trading at Citi, and D.E. Shaw dude. Looks like … Continue reading

Downloading free financial data

It’s a bit grungy, but nowadays it’s much easier than it’s ever been. I mean getting financial data. Shockingly, you can get a lot for free. Milton Friedman, eat your heart out. Granted, the data’s delayed. The breadth of available data is as wide as the English Channel, including not only price data, but also … Continue reading