Weekend Linkfest 100: Improved hedging methods and 10 smart programmer papers

So I decided to start publishing links I’ve collected recently, to share them with you. For the time being, I’ll just include a short description, and add whatever commentary I want. I arbitrarily decided start the numbering at 100. It reminds me of introductory classes in college. It doesn’t really mean anything, other than the … Continue reading

Key paradoxes in agile software development, which generate its non-linear results

After having worked in an Agile environment for two years, I realized that though Agile’s productivity gains are rather paradoxical, even counterintuitive, particularly for traditional project managers. Paradoxes are counterintuitive gems, especially for software teams. They hold significant wisdom, even though they are often easy to express. In particular, Agile project techniques take advantage of a … Continue reading